Postharvest treatment of nanochitosan-based coating loaded with zataria multiflora essential oil improves antioxidant activity and extends shelf-life of cucumber

A Mohammadi, M Hashemi, SM Hosseini – Innovative Food Science & Emerging …, ۲۰۱۵
Abstract This study aimed to evaluate the effects of postharvest treatment with chitosan
nanoparticles (CSNPs= T1) and Zataria multiflora essential oil (ZEO) incorporated into
chitosan nanoparticles (ZEO@ CSNPs= T2) on the shelf-life extension of whole …

Mass Transfer Coefficient of Plant Oil in Supercritical-CO2 Fluid Extraction

J Shi, SJ Xue – Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals: …, ۲۰۱۵

Inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus cocktail using the synergies of oregano and rosemary essential oils or carvacrol and 1, 8-cineole

VG Honório, JB Rodrigues, GT Souza, RJ Carvalho… – Frontiers in Microbiology, 2015
This study assessed the inhibitory effects of the essential oils (EOs) from Origanum vulgare L.
(OVEO) and Rosmarinus officinalis L. (ROEO), as well as of the its majority individual constituents
(ICs) carvacrol (CAR) and 1,8-cineole (CIN), respectively, combined at subinhibitory …

An optimized and validated 1 H NMR method for the quantification of α-pinene in essentials oils

CI Cerceau, LCA Barbosa, CA Filomeno, ES Alvarenga… – Talanta, 2015
… common than the use of 1 H NMR. To the best of our knowledge, only one report
on the use of 1 H NMR to quantify the major components of the essential oil of
Brickellia weronicaefolia has been published [16]. Ottavioli et al. …

[PDF] Identification of EST–SSRs and molecular diversity analysis in

B Kumar, U Kumar, HK Yadav – 2015
… [۳,۴]. Menthol is the major constituent of the essential oil constituents of peppermint oil [5].
Peppermint oil of globally accepted quality contains high amounts of menthol, moderate … These
accessions were previously evaluated for essential oil content and other components. …


FS Sabah, BAMA Aziz, ZS Abdullah – Global Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry …, ۲۰۱۵
… Chemical composition and content of essential oil from the BUO of Cultivated Turkish
colve(Syzgium aromaticum L.) Peer Reviewed, articile hioresources, 2(2),pp:265-269.
Ullah, H; Mahmood, A; Ijaz, M.; Tadesse, B. and Honermeir, B.( 2013). …

Spray-Drying of Nano-and Microcapsules of Nutraceuticals

X Li, N Anton, TF Vandamme – Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals: …, ۲۰۱۵

Aromatherapeutic Blending: Essential Oils in Synergy

JP Rhind – 2015

Extraction of Health-Promoting Components by Supercritical-CO2 Fluid Process

J Shi, SJ Xue, LS Kassama, X Ye – Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals: …, ۲۰۱۵

[HTML] Non-Selective Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonists, Hinokiresinols Reduce Infiltration of Microglia/Macrophages into Ischemic Brain Lesions in Rat via Modulating 2- …

AMAA Jalin, M Rajasekaran, PL Prather, JS Kwon… – PLOS ONE, 2015
… Naturally occurring phenylpropanoids, cis- and trans-hinokiresinols, are major components in
the essential oil extracted from various Liliaceae plants and have been reported to exhibit
anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic and estrogen-like activities [8–۱۱]. …

Intellectual property rights, benefit-sharing and development of “improved traditional medicines”: A new approach

M Willcox, D Diallo, R Sanogo, S Giani, B Graz… – Journal of …, ۲۰۱۵
… The most sustainable benefit for the community was sharing the results of which preparation
of which medicinal plant seemed to be the most effective for treating malaria. … Furthermore, the
study team created a medicinal plant garden (“green pharmacy”) in the village. …

Investigation of herbals for the treatment of leucorrhoea from south west Bengal, India

DC Das, NK Sinha, MK Patsa, M Das – International Journal of Bioassays, 2015
… The present investigation is an important thrust area to the society for the treatment of leucorrhoea
and also helpful for the detailed account of the studied medicinal plant for future research to
generate new phytochemicals and to formulate new bioactive compounds in the …


H Patel, R Krishnamurthy – International Journal of Bioassays, 2015
… In the present study, the silver nanoparticles are synthesized rapidly due to the root extract of
medicinal plant Plumbago zeylanica. … Keywords. Medicinal Plant-Plumbago Zeylanica; Silver
Nanoparticles; ZOI; Antimicrobial Activity. Refbacks. There are currently no refbacks. …

Effect of Alternative Temperatures on Germination Rate of Rocket Seed (Eruca sativa)

J Jalilian – Iranian Journal of Seed Research, 2015
… Article abstract: Rocket (Eruca sativa) is an important medicinal plant which not be
done any experiment about its germination quantification response to temperature.
Thus, an experiment base on CRD performed in seed research …

[PDF]Present Biological Status of Potential Medicinal Plant of Amaranthus viridis: A Comprehensive Review

M Reyad-ul-Ferdous, DMS Shahjahan, S Tanvir… – American Journal of Clinical …, ۲۰۱۵
Abstract: Amaranthus viridis L. belongs to family (Amaranthaceae) commonly known as
“Chowlai” is a common wild vegetable and weed of cultivation. A. viridis contains several
compounds like amino acids lysine, arginine, histidine, cystine, phenylalanine, leucine, …

[PDF]Artificial Cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Medicinal Mushroom) Using Different Sawdusts as Substrates

S Roy, MAA Jahan, KK Das, SK Munshi, R Noor – American Journal of BioScience, 2015
… ۱۹-۲۳, ۲۰۱۴. [۳۰] S. Quaiyum, NI Tanu, M. Sharmin, L. Paul, S. Munna, KK Das, M. Acharjee and
R. Noor, “Microbiological contamination and anti-bacterial traits of common oral herbal medicinal
products within Dhaka metropolis,” Europian Journal of Medicinal Plant, vol. 4, pp. …

Ficus religiosa L. bark extracts inhibit Human Rhinovirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection in vitro

V Cagno, A Civra, R Kumar, S Pradhan, M Donalisio… – Journal of …, ۲۰۱۵
… ۲.۱. Plant material. The bark and leaves of F. religiosa L. were collected from medicinal plant
garden of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi and authenticated by Botanical Survey
of India, Central National Herbarium, Botanical Garden, Howrah (Letter No. …

The authenticity and quality of Rhodiola rosea products

A Booker, B Jalil, D Frommenwiler, E Reich, L Zhai… – Phytomedicine, 2015
… Among, all of these species, Rhodiola rosea has been the predominant subject of
phytochemical, animal and human studies ( Shikov et al., 2014). R. rosea has a long
history of use as a medicinal plant in several traditional systems. …

Glycoalkaloid isolation from Solanum linnaeanum berries

N Gürbüz, F Karabey, TK Öztürk, A Kilinç, A Frary… – Fruits, 2015
… [۲۵] Yoshikawa M., Nakamura S., Ozaki K., Kumahara A., Morikawa T. Matsuda H., Structures
of steroidal alkaloid oli- goglycosides, robeneosides A and B, and antidiabetogeneic constituents
from the Brazilian medicinal plant Solanum lyco- carpum, J. Nat. Prod. …

Women’s role in management and utilization of forest resource in hills of Rawain valley of Uttarakhand

VS Rawat, J Chandra – International Journal of Bioassays, 2015
… Rawat, VS, YS Rawat and S Shah. “Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development
in the Tones Valley of Garhwal Himalaya.” Journal of Medicinal Plant Research 4(19)
(۲۰۱۰): ۲۰۴۳-۲۰۴۷. Refbacks. There are currently no refbacks. …

Chemical study, antioxidant analysis and evaluation of the larvicidal potential against Aedes aegypti larvae of essential oil of Ocimum basilicum Linn.

RS Ramos, ABL Rodrigues, RNP Souto… – European Journal of …, ۲۰۱۶
Aims: The purpose of this research was to accomplish chemical study, antioxidant analysis
and evaluation of the larvicidal potential against Aedes aegypti larvae of essential oil from
the leaves of O. basilicum Linn. Location of the Study: Pharmacognosy and …


CP Osman, IH Ramlan – Jurnal Teknologi, 2015
… unsaponifiable content [2]. Mango kernel oil has been used in the cosmetics industry as an
ingredient in soaps, shampoos and lotions because it is a good source of phenolic compounds
[۳]. Essential oil can be extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, wood and bark. …

Antifungal properties and inhibitory effects upon aflatoxin production by Zingiber officinale essential oil in Aspergillus flavus

SB Nerilo, GHO Rocha, C Tomoike, SAG Mossini… – International Journal of …, ۲۰۱۵
Summary In this study, the efficacy of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) essential oil (GEO)
in reducing A. flavus growth and aflatoxin production was investigated. Gas chromatography
coupled to mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy showed that …

[PDF]Antimicrobial effect of cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum J. Presl) bark essential oil in cream-filled cakes and pastries

M Vazirian, S Alehabib, H Jamalifar, MR Fazeli… – Research Journal of …, ۲۰۱۵
Abstract Background and objectives: Food poisoning has been always a major concern in
health system of every community and cream-filled products are one of the most widespread
food poisoning causes in humans. In present study, we examined the preservative effect …

[PDF]Preservation of Arachis Hypogea L. Food Seeds by Cuminumcyminum L. Essential Oil

N Kumar – J Plant Pathol Microb, 2015
Abstract Samples of groundnut seeds were collected from stores and examined for their
associated mycoflora and insects. Fifteen species of fungi were identified by blotter method
and 12 species of fungi by agar plate method. In vitro volatile constituents extracted in the …

[PDF]Essential Oil of Arial Parts of Adiantum capillus-veneris: Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity

L Khodaie, S Esnaashari, SB Moghaddam – 2015
Abstract Background: Adiantum capillus-veneris (Adiantaceae) is the only species of
Adiantum genus growing in Iran. As a well-known plant in Iranian Traditional Medicine, to
our knowledge, there has not been any report on essential oil constituents of this species …

Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Potential of Essential Oils from Artemisia capillaris, Artemisia nilagirica, Citrus limon, Cymbopogon flexuosus, Hedychium …

R Bedoni Semwal, D Kumar Semwal, S Prasad Mishra… – The Natural Products …, ۲۰۱۵
… Tulasi of the family Labiatae is a softly erect herb, which is highly medicinal for fever, cold, cough,
colitis, urinary troubles, vomiting and also believed to be an instant remedy of all types of ailments
[۵]. Previous phytochemical reports revealed that essential oil of A. nilagirica Syn. …

Essential oils in prevention of Dental Caries-An In-Vitro study

S Subasree, RV Geetha – Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 2015
… (۸۵ to 99 percent), which accounts for almost all the healing and health-promoting properties
of this essential oil [7]. It also contains 3, 7 guaiadiene, a-pinene, myrcene, delta 3-carene,
limonene, and delta-cadinene [8]. It is said to have analgesic, antirheumatic and antiarthritic …


NM Hirmizi, SH Saidin, NAM Ali, A Aziz, M Jamil… – Jurnal Teknologi, 2015
… An essential oil is usually separated from the aqueous phase by a physical method that does
not lead to significant change in its chemical composition. … The essential oil is generally safe with
minimum adverse effects. Several of these have been approved as food additives and …

Challenges for the Development of A Natural Antimicrobial from Essential Oils

MCT Duarte, RMT Duarte – Therapeutic Medicinal Plants: From Lab to the Market, 2015

[PDF] Anti-leishmanial activity of Agave americana L.–A traditional Indian medicinal plant

CP Thakur, S Narayan, S Bahadur, M Thakur… – Indian Journal of Traditional …, ۲۰۱۵
Abstract: Due to lack of safe treatment and developing resistance to the available drugs for
visceral leishmaniasis or Kala-azar-a fatal parasitic disease caused by Leishmania
donovani-the search for drugs from natural resources is imperative. In the present study, …

[PDF] Selection of medicinal plants-Evolutionary considerations for Ethnopharmacology and drug discovery

M Leonti – Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 2015
… phylogenetic and chemical diversity7-9, 2 “Development of Pharmacopoeias”, exploring the
interface between human cognition, phylogeny, the selection of medicinal plants and development
of pharmacopoeias10,11, 3 “Sustainability and safety of medicinal plant use” utilizes …

Antimicrobial flavonoids isolated from Indian medicinal plant Scutellaria oblonga inhibit biofilms formed by common food pathogens

N Rajendran, S Subramaniam, LR Christena… – Natural product research, 2015
Abstract Scutellaria oblonga Benth., a hitherto phytochemically unexplored Indian medicinal
folklore plant was extracted with acetone and subjected to chromatography to yield nine
flavonoids, for the first time from this plant. Antimicrobial assays were performed against …

Review on Withania coagulans-A Versatile Medicinal Plant

SU Upadhyay, VC Jain, UM Upadhyay – Research Journal of Pharmacognosy and …, ۲۰۱۵
Thousands of research thesis awarded are not coming to the actual usage of the mankind.
Diabetes mellitus and its complications are listed in the prioritized area of Govt. of India
which should be given attention. Withania coagulans (known as Paneerful or paneerdodi) …

[PDF] Possible herb-drug interaction of Morus alba L.-a potential anti-diabetic plant from Indian Traditional medicine

A Kar, PK Mukherjee, S Saha, S Bahadur… – Indian Journal of Traditional …, ۲۰۱۵
… Keywords: Anti-diabetic, Medicinal plant, Rp-Hplc, Cytochrome P450, Herb drug interaction.
IPC Int. Cl.8: A61K 36/00, C01, C07, C12N 9/00, C12N 11/00, A01D 16/02 … Page 2. KAR et

Research progresses on chemical constituents of the root of Potentilla anserine L. and its pharmacological activities.

L ZhiJun, B Yao, G LiXia, W Shu – Journal of Food Safety and Quality, 2015
The root of Potentilla anserine is an important medicinal plant in traditional Chinese
medicines (TCMs) and known as ‘jue ma’ in TCMs, which is mainly distributed in
temperate, frigid and alpine zones of the northern hemisphere. …

[PDF] In vitro antifungal activity of Bacillus spp AV5 against pathogenic fungi Colletotrichum falcatum: Causal organism of Red Rot disease of Sugarcane

… The current study deals with the screening of most potent Bacillus spp from different samples
such as limestone, desert soil, garden soil and rhizospheric soil of medicinal plant Adhatoda
vasica with the capability to inhibit fungal pathogen ie Colletotrichum falcatum; a causal …

Population genetic structure and genetic diversity in Dracocephalum thymiflorum L.(Lamiaceae) populations in Iran

F Koohdar, M Sheidai, F Attar, T Seyed-Mehdi – Molecular Plant Breeding, 2015
… Abstract. Dracocephalum thymiflorum L. is a medicinal plant that grows in limited areas
in Iran and forms few local populations. We have … Iran. The information obtained can
be used in conservation of this medicinal plant species. We …

[PDF] Medicinal Plant Species Used in the Management of Hernia by Traditional Medicine Practitioners in Central Uganda

MS Kibuuka, G Anywar – Ethnobotany Research and Applications, 2015
Abstract Hernia is a common neglected disease that occurs when a portion of tissue or a
body organ bulges through a weakened muscle area. This study was carried out to
document traditional concepts of hernia and the medicinal plant species used in its …

[PDF] Biopotential of Verbesina encelioides: a Lesser Known Plant of Asteraceae as a Novel Antimicrobial Agent

S Rijhwani, A Chauhan – 2015
… The phenolic compounds, have biological and pharmacological properties especially their
antimicrobial activity ,antiviral, anti-inflammatory activity. The present research work is based
an important medicinal plant (biologically, a weed) as a novel antimicrobial agent. …