According to the Manataka American Indian Council, Native Americans have used pine needle tea as their go-to healing remedy for centuries. To this day, it is often used to fight the common cold and cough.

As of now, there is no substantial evidence to suggest any major health benefits of pine needles. Pine needle tea is nonetheless a delicious and vitamin-rich choice of beverages.

Health Benefits

Pine needle tea is alleged to be a great resource for vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to improve your immune system, so that your body is better able to resist diseases. In addition, vitamin c assists in the building of blood, bone, and skin tissue.

Drinking pine needle tea is suggested to assist in cold and cough relief by expelling phlegm from your body. Inhaling the tea’s steam may help to clear your nose of mucus.

How to Use

To make pine needle tea, gather a handful of pine needles. Pull off the brown covering at the ends of the needles and chop them into small pieces. Pour a cup of steaming water over a tablespoon of the chopped needles. Give the tea time to steep before drinking.
Source: LiveStrong