Although it may still be winter, ice cream cravings transcend all seasons. When your taste for the cool, creamy treat strikes, you may want to reach for frozen yogurt instead; made from yogurt instead of cream, frozen yogurt delivers big taste with less fat content than traditional ice cream. Why else should ice cream lovers try its froyo counterpart?

Frozen Yogurt Nutritional Facts

In addition to having a lower fat content than ice cream, there are several health benefits of yogurt. Probiotics in yogurt are live, active cultures that boost immune health and help aid in digestion. Thus, the lactose in frozen yogurt is more easily digested than that in ice cream, making it a better choice for those who are lactose sensitive. However, most frozen yogurts are made up of the same ingredients put into ice cream, resulting in a similar calorie count between the two. For a regular, small scoop of frozen yogurt, you can expect about 2 grams of fat and 75 calories.

Froyo Vs. Ice Cream: The Healthier Choice?

If you enjoy frozen yogurt, it may be the slightly healthier route. However, if your cravings say ice cream, it may be better to satisfy that sweet tooth with the real thing. Denying yourself can lead to over consumption, which can add pounds. Regardless of your frozen treat choice, remember to eat in moderation; neither frozen yogurt nor ice cream should be consumed in large portions. With froyo shops gaining popularity around the country, it’s a perfect time to try a new treat.

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