Laver is an edible variety of red algae that is found on the coast of Japan and the British Isles. It is also commonly known as nori in Japan, and often used for wrapping sushi. Now, however, laver’s high nutritional content is making it a popular addition to vegan and raw food diets.

This seaweed has a smooth texture, and tends to be brownish in color, but turns dark green when boiled. It is harvested by skimming the surface of the sea near the coastline and has a salty flavor to it.

Health Benefits

Laver gets its salty, tangy taste from its high iodine content, which helps to maintain a healthy, balanced thyroid. In addition, this edible algae contains high levels of protein and iron.

This seaweed serves as a rich source of vitamin C, A, B2 and D.

How to Use

Laver can be eaten cold, and is a wonderful addition to a salad. All that you need to do is heat the laver and add butter and lemon juice.

In Japan, laver is not only used to wrap sushi, but also as a replacement for chips. By slicing the dried pieces of laver into strips, people can snack on this salty treat, or sprinkle it on salads or other entrees.

Laverbread is a Welsh delicacy, and can be incorporated into any meal or snack. To make this rich, nutty flavored laverbread, all you need to do is boil the seaweed for several hours, then mince or puree it. This results in a paste which can be added to oatmeal or made into a sauce or soup. In addition, laverbread is often used in baked goods, such as Gaelic pies, breads, or tarts.

Laver can usually be bought in Asian or organic grocery stores. You can also purchase it online.

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