With a plethora of health benefits, chia seeds are fast becoming a popular addition to any nutritious diet.

These seeds not only add fiber and calcium to your diet, but they can also provide new meal options.

Meal Ideas

Easy Snacks

  • Eat raw and add to a trail mix
  • Add to apple juice to thicken it (you can also add lemon juice for a little more flavor)
  • Mix into yogurt with fruit and nuts
  • Add to soup or stew to thicken it
  • Add to milk (regular, soy or almond) to make a pudding
  • Add to smoothies for more thickness
  • Sprinkle over salad
  • Add to granola


  • Soak seeds in milk and add to hot oatmeal
  • Grind seeds and add to hot milk to create a nutritious porridge
  • Grind seeds and mix with cinnamon and butter to create a delicious spread for scones and other pastries
  • Grind seeds and mix with flour, milk and eggs to make pancakes


  • Stir seeds with cooked lentils, or add to a stir fry
  • Cook brown rice in vegetable stock and mix in seeds once cooked
  • Grind seeds and mix with ground beef to make meatballs
  • Soak white seeds in milk and mix with mashed potatoes


  • Mix seeds with pureed fruit and fruit juice to create a wonderful topping for ice cream and baked goods
  • Grind seeds and add to bread mixture
  • Add whole seeds to cookie or cake batter
  • Soak 1 tbsp of seeds in 1/4 cup of water and use as an egg substitute for baking cookies and cakes


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