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Caffeine; a stimulating compound included in many supplements today, from weight loss pills to performance enhancers, many of us consume caffeine in some form or another every day. Caffeine is a natural chemical compound, commonly found in coffee, health benefits of caffeine are often debated, it’s presence in supplements is ever-growing.

How Does Caffeine Work?

How does caffeine work? Caffeine is a stimulant that reduces its user from feeling tired. Caffeine mimics a chemical in one’s body that, through various blocking and binding of receptors, reduces drowsiness and supplies the body with energy.

What Supplements is Caffeine Used in?

Caffeine is often found in various fitness enhancement, fat-burning, and nootropic supplements. By boosting its user’s metabolism, caffeine is often used as a weight loss tool in various athletic contexts. Caffeine is also used in supplements meant to increase mental alertness and brain function. Because of the boost caffeine gives its user, supplement takers are more apt to perform better and continue using the product.

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