[PDF] Chemical Composition, Modulatory Bacterial Resistance and Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil the Hyptis martiusii Benth by Direct and Gaseous Contact

ADL de Oliveira, FFG Rodrigue, H Douglas… – ۲۰۱۴
Background: Several studies have shown that species of the genus Hyptis, have promising
antimicrobial and antifungal effects. Objectives: Identify of chemical constituents of essential
oil from leaves of Hyptis martiusiiand evaluate its effect against bacterial strains by direct …

[PDF] Standardization of quality parameters in isolated essential oils of Mentha citrata of Indian origin: under varied geographical location

AK Dixit, CM Dixit, SK Yadav, A Tewari, BV Shukla – Journal of Pharmacognosy and …, ۲۰۱۴
… ABSTRACT In the present work, the effect of the geographical origin on essential oil content and
composition was evaluated. … 9. Ciobanu Y, Peleah E, Pisova M, Zueva A. Comparison of essential
oil composition of Mentha arvenses L. from different geographical regions. …

Antioxidant activity of< i> Ziziphora tenuoir</i> methanolic extracts and comparison of the essential oil in two stages of growth

MB Gholivand, M Piryaei, SM Maassoumi – Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, 2014
Abstract Flavonoids, anthocyanins, antioxidant capability, total phenolic, ascorbic acid
contents, and essential oils compounds of Ziziphora tenuoir (Lamiaceae) for polar and non-
polar subfraction in different stages of growth (pre-flowering and flowering) were …

[PDF] Insecticidal Activity and Chemical Composition of the Morinda lucida Essential Oil against Pulse Beetle Callosobruchus maculatus

MS Owolabi, E Padilla-Camberos, AL Ogundajo… – The Scientific World Journal, 2014
Insecticidal activity of essential oil extracted from Morinda lucida was tested on pulse beetle
Callosobruchus maculatus, which is a pest that causes serious damage to several pulses.
The insecticidal activity was compared with two pesticides, Phostoxin and Primo-ban-20. …

Chemical Compositions, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Essential Oil from Luodian Blumea Balsamifera Leaves in China

YH Wang, HY Tian, HX Wang, CL Zou – International Journal of Food Properties, 2014
ABSTRACT Modified hydrodistillation was designed to isolated essential oil (EO) from
Blumea balsamifera leaves cultivated in Luodian County, China. GC-MS and GC-FID
analysis showed that the main components of EO were caryophyllene, xanthoxylin, γ- …

Considering the antibacterial activity of< i> Zataria multiflora</i> Boiss essential oil treated with gamma-irradiation< i> in vitro</i> and< i> in vivo</i> systems

F Fatemi, S Dini, A Dadkhah, MR Zolfaghari – Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2014
Abstract The aim of the present study was to evaluate the antibacterial activities of essential
oils (EOs) obtained from the aerial parts of Zataria multiflora Boiss against Bacillus cereus,
Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by in vivo and in …

The Effect of Enzyme‐Assisted Maceration on Bioactivity, Quality and Yield of Essential Oil from Waste Carrot (Daucus carota) Seeds

KB Śmigielski, M Majewska, A Kunicka‐Styczyńska… – Journal of Food Quality, 2014
Abstract The effect of an enzyme preparation derived from the nonpathogenic filamentous
fungus Mucor circinelloides on the bioactivity, quality and yield of essential oil from waste
carrot seeds (Daucus carota) was investigated. The Taguchi method was applied to …

[PDF] Thymus Daenensis Extract and Essential Oils Effects on Morphine Withdrawal Signs in Mice

MJ Khodayar, E Taherzadeh, A Siahpoosh… – ۲۰۱۴
… Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the effects of methanolic extract and essential oil of
aerial parts of Thymus daenensis (TD), an endemic aromatic medicinal plant of Iran, on morphine
withdrawal syndrome in mice. … The content of essential oil yielded 2.2%. 3.3. …

Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, and Immunological Effects of Carum copticum L. and Some of Its Constituents

A Alavinezhad, MH Boskabady – Phytotherapy Research, 2014
… Table 1. Chemical constituents of Carum copticum essential oil in different geologic areas
(Zarshenas et al., 2014; Singh et al., 2004; Naseri et al., 2007). … Thymus vulgaris essential oil
containing thymol as the main component has potent antioxidant and antiinflammatory effects. …

Molecular docking studies on potential PPAR-γ agonist from Rhizophora apiculata

G Selvaraj, S Kaliamurthi, R Thirugnanasambandam – Bangladesh Journal of …, ۲۰۱۴
… alone and in combination with domperidone in the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea
and vomiting in breast cancer patients 6711 views » Analysis of essential oil of eaglewood tree
(Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.) by gas chromatography mass spectrometry 4912 views …

Systematic Preliminary Research on the Chemical Components of Artemisia vestita Wall.

Z YANG, B LI, P LIU, Y CHEN, Y LIU – Medicinal Plant, 2014
[摘要]:[Objective] To establish a systematic preliminary research on the chemical
composition of Artemisia vestitaWall.[Methods] Systematic preliminary tests was adopted;
physical and chemical identification of the water extracted solutions, acidic ethanol …

[PDF] Mineral profile of different medicinal plants and their quantitative analyses collected from north west of Pakistan

S Zaheer, IU Khan, H Ullah, S Shah, Z Hussain, S Bibi… – Pak. J. Weed Sci. Res, 2014
… Currently there is little evidence of the conservation of indigenous medicinal plant species in
the study area. … Similar study was conducted by Anjorin et al. (2010). CONCLUSION The crude
protein content of wild medicinal plant was in the range of 1.7-2.7%. …

[PDF] Perspective of Andrographis paniculata in Neurological Disorders

V Kumar, AK Thakur, SS Chatterjee – Clinic Pharmacol Biopharmaceut S, 2014
… Ex Nees (Acanthaceae) is a labdane diterpinoids rich medicinal plant. … F.), a medicinal plant
taxonomically classified as: Kingdom- Plantae; Order- Personales; Division- Angiosperma; Class-
Dicotyledonae; Family- Acanthaceae; Genus- Andrographis, and Species- paniculata. …

[HTML] Evaluation of quantitative variation of secondary metabolites in Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) using high performance thin layer chromatography

N Srivastava – Journal of Biomedical Research, 2014
… Therapeutically active metabolite contents in a medicinal plant vary in nature, which may impact
on its therapeutic efficacy. Bergenia (Saxifragaceae) is an evergreen perennial herb widely
distributed in Central and East Asia with about 30 species reported worldwide. …

[PDF] Myths and facts in herbal medicines: Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng) and its contraindication in hypertensive patients

M Schmidt, M Thomsen, O Kelber, K Kraft – Evolution, 2014
… Background: Eleutherococcus senticosus radix (also known as “Siberian ginseng” or “eleuthero”)
is used as a medicinal plant in cases of asthenia with fatigue and weakness, a condition especially
common in elderly patients. … Economic and Medicinal Plant Research. …

[PDF] Standardization of Sri Lankan market samples of Rubia cordifolia Linn.

HG Hewageegana, LAD Arawwawala, D Induragare… – Journal of Pharmacognosy …, ۲۰۱۴
… ABSTRACT Rubia cordifolia Linn (Family: Rubiaceae); is a common medicinal plant and an
essential ingredient for Ayurvedic and traditional medicinal preparations. … An Ayurvedic Medicinal
Plant, International Journal of Herbal Medicine 2013; 2(3):34-37. 13. …

[PDF] A review on Morphology, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological activities of medicinal herb Plumbago Zeylanica Linn.

M Chauhan – Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 2014
… and the development of microbial resistance to the available antibiotics has led researchers to
investigate the antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants [7 … of combining their active components
with many other substances which appear to be inactive but which give the plant as a …

[PDF] Green syntheis of silver nanoparticles and its activity on SiHa cervical cancer cell line

AK Jha, K Prasad – 2014
… ISSN: 0975-8232 26. Rajvaidhya, S.; Nagori, BP; Singh, GK; Dubey, BK; Desai, P.; Jain, S.; A
review on argemone mexicana linn. – An indian medicinal plant International Journal of
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2012, 3, 2494-2501. ISSN: 0975-8232 27. …

[PDF] Larvicidal and Adulticidal Effects of Extracts from Some Indigenous Plants against the Malaria Vector, Anopheles Arabiensis (Diptera: Culicidae) in Ethiopia

D Bekele, B Petros, H Tekie, Z Asfaw – J Biofertil Biopestici, 2014
… The larvicidal activity of 80% methanol extracts of the first two plant species against the fourth
instars of Anopheles arabiensis Patton, and adulticidal activity with the same solvent extracts
of the latter four species against Anopheles arabiensis adults, gave positive results upon …

Acaricidal activity of ethanolic extract of Artemisia absinthium against Hyalomma anatolicum ticks

R Godara, S Parveen, R Katoch, A Yadav, M Katoch… – Experimental and Applied …, ۲۰۱۴
… Vet Parasitol 106:89–۹۶PubMedCrossRef. Abdel-Shafy S, El-Khateeb RM, Soliman MMM,
Abdel-Aziz MM (2009) The efficacy of some wild medicinal plant extracts on the survival and
development of third instar larvae of Chrysomyia albiceps (Wied) (Diptera: Calliphoridae). …