Kazem Dadkhahipour,۱,* Tahereh Eftekhari۲


۱Botany Department, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Tehran, Iran

۲Botany section, Department of Environment, Tehran, Iran E-mail:  kazemdadkhahipour@gmail.com


As we know, identification and grouping of certain families for medicinal plants is very essential. In this study, an interactive identification key designed for 101 plant families of Iran. The total descriptions for comparative study based on the 411 families. The focused plants are very important for traditional and modern medicine. Some of them are cultivated as ornamental, industrial and/or other purpose. By using an algorithm named as EID (Electronic Identification) many of morphological characters of these plants analysed [1]. The Indian and Australian plant families reviewed [2, 3] and improved to ethno botanical terms of classical botanical courses in Iran. Also, making an analytical report for identifying procedure is very important and new for the Electro-Botany as modern and practical botany. In this system, the inflorescence and vegetative characters are important for determination but the user may select one or more by multiple selection tools from any observations on specimen, quantitative or qualitative and even conventional questions such as usages, groups, common names and so on. An illustrated glossary with English and Persian index makes simplicity to know statements and selecting or deselecting any answer. In addition, plotting a dendrogram for identification process distinguishes factors between the visual and virtual aspects, automatically. Therefore, this research utility as a rapid guide helps any experts, botanist or non-botanist to know and determine medicinal plant family and prepare documentations for observations, easily. An electronic museum exists in this system that helps to do descriptive and comparative studies. It is very useful and user friendly application for education particularly in taxonomy and classification of medicinal plants.



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