The book "Understanding of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants" contains full details 850 Of medicinal plants by the doctor Valiollah Mozaffarian, Professor of Botany Institute of Forests and Rangelands, and a national network of investment and technology plants released.

Doktor پaman Salehi, Dabir a mM پژohish network Venaoré گyahan Daroye گvt: Where the book Hawi Ettelaat 850 Species of medicinal plants with all the specifications, features, location and photos of plants. The book of Botany by Dr. Mozaffarian of the largest investment 100 Million USD networks have been.

Wei statement in response: Today, with advances in science over eight thousand species of plants have been identified.. Currently it is estimated that, of the two hundred and 300 Species have medicinal properties.. Despite the assets acquired, the use of medicinal plants in different industries compared to many developed countries and poor developing. The global approach of using natural compounds of plant origin, background, historical use of plants in traditional medicine and medicinal plants increasing production in recent years, planning and long-term for sustainable development shayesteh plants are .

He added:Doktor مظفريان Ba 35 Years of botanical experience, the profile 850 Species of medicinal plants in this book has been published. Among the features of this book is that all the images of medicinal plants and has been prepared by Dr. Mozaffarian. According to this book, Dr. Salehi 1300 Page is published in full color.

This book prices publishing contemporary culture 90 Dollars and Print 3000 Back to the market, which has been welcomed by researchers and practitioners have.

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